Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tree of Faces

On one of our walks by the Peace
River, we spotted this tree, now
dead, which fascinated us for quite
a while. As you can see, it was
very old when it died as it's
diameter is more than 6 feet

As we approached I could see what seemed to me to be the face of a snarling cat.  Val saw it a little differently, seeing an alligator's head.  Hmmm (see yesterday's blog).

And then as we walked around the tree, the face of an old man was startlingly clear to Val and me.

From different angles we could see various facial incarnations including what seemed like a gargoyle.  Now before you start commenting, no, we hadn't been drinking or partaking of any illegal substances.   This tree is amazing.  I'm thinking about writing a kids story based on this tree where an epic battle of mortals and creatures takes place but is finally frozen in time by a tree god.

Okay, maybe I have been partaking a little...

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