Wednesday, March 24, 2010

River cruise

First, here is the pic I promised of the Artesian spring that flows at 8 million gallons per day.  The only drawback is that the water has a sulfur smell.  Years ago, people came from afar just to bath in the water due to it's healing sulfur properties.
Today we went for a cruise on the Wekiva River.  Although the resident alligators were hiding so we didn't see their babies, we did see lots of various types of turtles and birds.  I captured this pic of a Little Blue Heron before and during flight.
One interesting thing that the guide pointed out was the hemlock (redder plants in picture)growing along with the duckweed, alligator weed and calla lilies.  Val asked if they could stop so she could pick some hemlock, but they wouldn't let her.  Hmm. I'm wondering what that was all about.  Guess I'll keep her out of the kitchen for a while.

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  1. Do you know the name of the river that has the artesian spring? Do you know the history of the structure (i.e., who built and maintains it)?