Monday, March 22, 2010

rain and mud and tractors

One thing about Florida weather forecasters, they are spot on with their predictions.  Having lived in VA all our lives, I have no faith in weathermen (weatherpersons?).  They claim that Virginia is one the hardest areas to predict due to the mountains and oceans and grass and trees and something about the wind...go figure.  Whatever the reason, they really are terrible at it.  But here in Florida, when I go online and see that rain is predicted 8 days away, lo and behold, it rains!  And yesterday, just like they had predicted a week ago, it rained.  And rained.  And rained some more.  So this morning we packed up, closed up, hitched up and pulled away from our site.  Well, kind of pulled away.  About 7 feet of pulling before both the truck and the RV started to sink in the mud.  I tried about ten times to work my way out, but to no avail.  Luckily a call to the ranger at Thousand Trails brought a tractor with a chain, and in about two minutes we were out.  I understand that at some places they call a wrecker that can charge $200 to do the same thing.  I would have just set there until it dried up before I did that. 
And then it was off to Lakeland to have one of our Bigfoot levelers checked.  It just started leaking some hydraulic fluid.  It was a simple gasket and then we finished our trip to Wekiva Falls Resort in Sorrento.  Quite a nice place that has been redone by the new owners.  We got here just in time to attend the Escapees social where Val and I were "adopted" by a couple (Pete and Dixie) that have attended lots of rallies.  They can share their wisdom with us during the week.
Tomorrow I'll get some pictures of the campground and the Artesian well that's in the center of the resort.  It puts out about 8 million gallons of water a day.

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  1. Hi Val and Billy,
    I love reading about what you both do everyday. Sorry you got stuck, but glad to hear it was free to pull you out. Both of you write so well and I think I am going to nominate you both for a reality show :) Hope you are having a great time and seeing some sun now.....take care, Kathie