Monday, March 15, 2010

Nice gathering.

Val and I were invited to a small gathering of fellow pickle-ballers this afternoon, so we fixed a big batch of nachos with lots of cheese and fresh jalapenos, baked it in the oven and walked down the road to the RV that was hosting.  Turns out that a lot of people play pickleball as there were at least forty people there.  And there was an amazing array of great food which was a nice surprise as we had nothing planned for dinner.  I'm talking everything from grilled hot-dogs to fresh shrimp.  One guy brought his guitar and one guy had some type of electric instrument that sounded a little like an electronic autoharp.  I'll have to find out what that was.
The best part was that we made some new friends, got some good advice about our life-style and even may be hooking up with some folks that are planning a trip to Alaska in 2011.  That's when were thinking of going ourselves, so it may work out well.
And we got to visit with this cute bunny that was hopping through the crowd.  Good thing it stayed away from the river bank as it seemed to most of us that  it would make a 'gator mighty happy.

And lest you think that we RV'ers and pickle-ballers don't  have enough fun, here's proof that we do...

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