Thursday, March 11, 2010

Heavier than I thought...

Today I found out that I've apparently gained a lot of weight since starting this life-style. Val and I took our trash out and found this wagon that we figured was for trash (see pic).  To make sure, I stood on the side lip and peered in.  Val immediately panicked and said to be careful that I didn't tip it over.  Um, gee, it probably weighs 3000 pounds.  And then a couple came up and asked if I was looking at the wagon to fix up as a new home.  I said no,  it was probably not big enough, and besides, my wife thought I might tip it over too easily.   They looked at me, looked at the trailer, looked back at me and remarked that I was obviously much, much heavier than I look.  Laughing, they walked away.
So tomorrow I guess I start cutting calories.  But as I understand it from other full-timers, an RV diet does include ice-cream and cookies each night...

And then, since it was going to be in the 80's, we took a bike trip to Coquina Beach on Anna Maria Island on the Gulf coast. It was Val's first time to put her toes in Gulf waters.  I am more experienced with these waters since I spent a week on the Gulf once.  I was 12, but who's counting.  But getting back to the toes part, that was about all you wanted to put in the Gulf.  It was cold!  I'm talking Fenwick Island early June cold.  We only saw a few brave souls get in a quick swim.  We are spending a few days later this month down near Coral Springs near Val's brother, Bill, so we will probably try the waters on the Atlantic and Gulf coast.  Hopefully it's a little warmer.

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