Sunday, March 7, 2010

Moving on.

Tomorrow we move a little further south to just below Wauchula, FL.  The stay here in Clermont was our first experience with the Thousand Trails/Naco campground network that we joined last November.  We have been pleasantly surprised.  The sites are fine and most importantly, the people have been helpful and friendly.  We've made some new friends that we will definitely see again in our travels, and that helps make full-timing a great way of life.  We did have one employee stare at us rather oddly yesterday as we brought one of our large propane tanks up the hill from our site to get filled.  We had it on a small wheeled cart which we thought was rather clever as they weigh a lot after you fill them.  He remarked that he has never seen anyone else ever bring just the tank.  Apparently everyone just drives their RV up to the refilling station.  But that would mean unhooking your lines and hitching up and then reversing all that when you're finished.  Perhaps they only do it when they arrive or leave.  Either way, it worked for us and probably gave the guy something to talk about later.
Later, as we started to do some preliminary packing, we drew quite a crowd when we decided to load the bike onto the truck to save time tomorrow morning.  One guy started offering some opinions on how to tie the bike down, but stopped when he realized that we knew what we were doing (fooled him...).  Everyone kept a good distance, probably not wanting to risk the motorcycle falling and crushing them, but seemed genuinely happy when all went well.  Only when the bike was tied down on the truck did several people approach and see how it all worked. 
And if anybody is wondering, yes, we completed the seal installation.  And it took about an hour. 
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

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