Wednesday, September 8, 2010

sadness in Gold Hill

Our son Matt moved to Washington, DC from the Boulder area about 6 months ago to take an internship with National Geographic in the book division.  That has been an extraordinary experience.  But two days ago he received messages from his friends in Colorado that a wildfire was burning out of control in the Gold Hill area where he lived for 3 years.  The fire apparently has destroyed the house he lived in along with many others owned by his friends.  The house where he lived (and we visited a couple of times) was at 8000 feet in the Rockies with unbelievable views of the area all the way to Denver.  Please keep the people of that area in your prayers. This picture was taken on the road by the town of Gold Hill.  It's horrific.

On another note, Val's sister has regained some movement in her left leg which is wonderful news. We hope that it's the start of a major recovery!  And we are still at the beach house in Fenwick Island.  The over-hyped hurricane Earl was not bad at all (typical news media over-reacting).  The waves were huge for a day, but the wind was only gusting to 45 or so.  There was little beach erosion if any.  We've weathered much worse.  Here are a couple of pictures from the storm and the next day when boogie boarders came out in droves.