Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Next update

We have to apologize for the scarcity of blog posts, but there is really very little to report.  We have moved from Gloucester to Amelia and will go back to Gloucester again on the 26th.  We have canceled all of our west coast travel reservations which is very sad but necessary.  We will hopefully get out there next year for a grand adventure.  We hope to still make it to the heavy duty truck rally in Kansas in October, but we'll see how things are going when that time arrives.
Joanie is still in rehab at Sheltering Arms and has made some progress.  Her mobility is still severely hindered by the paralysis, but she is working very hard with the physical, occupational and speech therapists.  We expect her to be there for another couple of weeks and then move to some type of assisted living.  We hope to meet with the staff at Sheltering Arms next week to discuss short and long-term goals for Joanie. She continues to get daily support from her family, friends and church, and she truly appreciates that.  Please keep her in your prayers.