Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Plans and panthers

Last night we were startled by what sounded to Val like a women screaming.  It was loud enough to catch our attention while watching American Idol.  We went outside with a flashlight and realized that it was coming from the woods on the other side of the Peace River.  Once outside, however, we knew that  it was not a human sound.  To me it sounded like a wild boar that was caught in a trap or that had been grabbed by an alligator.  It went on for at least 10 minutes.  Then this morning, Val talked to our son Matt who described hearing the same sound in the Rockies a couple of years ago. He later found out that what he heard was a mountain lion.  We believe now that it may have been a Florida Panther, an animal that is severely endangered and may number around 100.  Everything we've read says that they sound like a women screaming.  Whew.  Spooky.

Friends and family and new people we meet are always asking our plans for the year.  So here are the plans that we've made so far.  This will allow all of you interested folks to plan ahead for the dinners you'd like to fix for us or take us out for.
We can hardly wait!
We will be heading to just north of Orlando on March 22nd for an Escapees rally.  Then it's back down to Moore Haven for a week and then 3 weeks back in Clermont.  From there, on April 21st, we head north with 4 nights in Georgia, 3 nights in South Carolina, 5 more nights in North Carolina and then a week in Virginia Beach for a heavy duty truck rally.  After that we go to Gloucester, VA for three weeks which will allow us to spend some time in Richmond seeing friends and family.  We do miss you, you know.
We will probably store the RV for a month at that point and spend that time in Fenwick Island working hard to prepare the house for the renters.  I use "working hard" rather loosely here.
From Fenwick we will grab the RV and head to Redmond, Oregon where the international BMW motorcycle rally starts on July 15th.  That month of travel is pretty much open except we will stop in South Dakota to become residents.
After 3 weeks around Redmond, we will spend some time on the Washington, Oregon and California coast with a probable excursion into Canada around Vancouver.  The only other plans we have after that are an RV rally in Texas in October followed by another in Kansas right after that.
So that's it for now.  I know, I know.  I can hear what you're all thinking.  What a hard, boring existence.  Well, as you know, somebody's gotta do it...

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