Thursday, March 18, 2010

More pickleball

Today I was invited to play pickleball (I know. The name is terrible) today at another RV resort.  Six of us headed over to Torrey Oaks and had a lot of great games.  Having played a lot of racquetball and tennis, I'm catching on quickly.  And despite the lame name, it's not only a lot of fun, but great exercise as well.  A big plus compared to racquetball is that pickleball is almost always played outside in the fresh air.  Of course one challenge is that the ball is light, so it can be a tremendously difficult in the wind. That's the way it was today with 12-15 mph winds.  Lobs became almost impossible unless you accounted for the wind as the ball could move cross-court as much as 8 feet.  Serves were tough as well.  It really made you watch the ball.  Check out the shot by moi in the pic below.  The ball is just clearing the net and heading down toward the opponents feet.

The good news for me is that Val and I hit for a while yesterday, and then Val took part in a beginners pickleball clinic.  Afterward, she played a game of doubles and admitted that she had fun.  She's catching on quickly and will be playing with the rest of the crowd soon I'm sure.

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