Sunday, March 28, 2010

Donated ours. Needed another.

7:00 AM
At the recent Escapees rally, they had a silent auction of items that folks at the rally donated.  The proceeds went to Care, the organization I mentioned a couple of days ago.  We donated some copper scoops from our kitchen, some of Val's seldom used jewelry and our small Rival Crock Pot that we got as a wedding present in 1977. The Crock Pot brought $10.00 which was about 9 more than I expected.  I never realized how many cooks use them. Apparently many cooks have more than one.  We (that really means me) have wanted a new full-size slow-cooker for a few years, and now that we're retired and traveling , it makes even more sense.  We (that means me, again) can assemble all the ingredients, program it to cook and then keep the food warm so that we can explore the area during the day and come home to a great meal.  We searched for a highly rated one by checking out Cooks Illustrated and lots of consumer reviews.  We also wanted a reasonable price, and low and behold, here we go to Walmart.
So today, a good day to get some work done around the rig since storms are coming, I'm trying the first recipe in the new cooker, a Mexican dish made with country-style pork ribs and hominy.  I've never cooked with hominy (corn kernels that have the outer hull and germ removed) before, so I'll let you know later how it turns out.
7:30 PM
Wonderful.  That's how Val described the dish.  I guess it's hard to go wrong with 5 pounds of ribs slow-cooked for 9 hours.  And it's a good thing that it is wonderful.  We have about 5 quarts of leftovers.
I wish we could share it with you all...

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  1. I am starving, what time is dinner?