Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blog housekeeping and a little visiting.

There have only been a couple of comments on our blog, and it seems that it isn't readily apparent how to leave one.  At the bottom of each post you'll see "0 Comments".  Just click on that and the comments page pops up.  So let us know what you think.  Please.

Yesterday, Val and I made it to the lowest point in Florida that either of us have ever been: Coral Springs. That's where Val's brother Bill lives with his wife Marissa and their daughter Christina.  They live in a beautiful home with two great dogs (Bailey the Scottie, and Minnie the lab/greyhound mix).  We hadn't planned on spending the night when we visited, but after having a great meal at the Big Bear Brewing Company accompanied by a wonderful micro-brewery dark Belgian dubbel beer, we crashed on their sleeper sofa.  Bill fixed a big breakfast, and then we spent some time visiting with two of their neighbors, a retired cop and his wife, a state prosecutor responsible for capital murder cases.  Talk bout a job with massive responsibility and stress.  Man...
We arrived back in Wauchula a little tired this afternoon but have already planned a week of travel later this month back in that area with a side trip to the Everglades and a boat ride down the inter-coastal waterway.  That should give Val a good chance to see some 'gators.

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