Monday, March 8, 2010

Gator or not a gator

Today we arrived in an RV resort (that somehow sounds better than campground) by the Peace River in Wauchula.  And of course we had to explore, especially along the river where alligator warnings abound.  So here we are walking and searching when Val says she sees one in the river.  I don't think so, I say, but she's convinced that the head bobbing in the water is indeed a gator.  I tried to use my camera to get a closer look but didn't have a good telephoto lens with me.  But no matter what I said, Val was sure.  So finally I made a perfect toss of a 4 foot stick across the water in front of the "gator".  The stick floated right under the head of this mysterious creature and guess what.  Not a gator.  Just an old log.
The search continued.
And then some folks asked us if we had seen the alligator.  And there it was.  Motionless.  Staring at who knows what.  And since there is no reference for you to know how big it was, I can say that it was almost 12 feet long!  Would you believe 10 feet...  Alright, it was six feet of which half is tail.  But still it was an alligator not far from our RV.  Very cool.  Honey, we ain't in Virginia any more.

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