Thursday, April 29, 2010

The trouble with Tribbles

Do all you trekkies remember that episode from the original Star Trek? I was reminded of that episode as Val and I talked to one of our pickleball friends yesterday (yes, it turns out that a few of them are still here!).  For those of you who aren't trekkies, the show was about cute little round furry animals that cause all kinds of trouble on-board the Enterprise after being brought aboard and fed..  It turns out that Sandhill Crane colts are apparently cute little animals that also cause lots of damage when fed.  We've noticed a few times around the campground that people feel compelled to feed the cranes including one time when we saw a neighbor hand feed one of the parents.  Our pickleball friend had a neighbor that fed the cranes until the ranger corrected that issue since it's illegal to feed them.  Unfortunately, the cranes now hang around her rig, and the cute little colt has started pecking at the side of her Newmar Essex 45' motor home.  It's a beautiful RV but the colt has damaged both the paint and the custom tire covers.  They've had to order an $800 cover for the rig for when they are not there and will probably have a fence built around their lot (it's a permanent site).
So this story doesn't end quite as well as the Star Trek episode, but it's another lesson on how we should let wild animals fend for themselves, no matter how cute they are.

On another note, my recovery is going well and I've started physical therapy.  I'm working hard each day to get my range of motion back and will start on strengthening exercises soon.  I was fitted for a custom carbon fiber ACL brace which should arrive next week.That should get me out and walking around a little sooner.  But for now I'm doing a little walking around the RV with no crutches.  Feels good. 

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