Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Val said I had to post a WARNING.

I was talking to Val about what I remember after they told me that they were going to give me something to relax me before giving me shots in my knee and taking me to surgery.  I remember only three things: lovely Val giving me a kiss for good luck, a brief vision of being wheeled through a door, and opening my eyes to see my doctor huddled over some type of loud, whining grinder/saw before walking over to me and showing me the donor graft that he was going to put in my knee.  Val laughed at that and said that I was definitely dreaming (about the doctor, not the kiss).  She said that a doctor would never do that.  So I asked him yesterday during my appointment, and yes, he said he absolutely did do that.  Strange, but somehow kind of cool.  I'm now just hoping that the graft was not from some serial killer (or serial kicker?) and that I'm not going to start kicking kids and old folks spontaneously or something.

Warning:  Val was supposed to get some pics today, but she didn't.  So for those of you interested in what a knee looks like 4 days after surgery for an ACL allograft, I've posted a pic of my lovely legs.  If that sort of thing makes you squeemish, don't scroll down.
But if you do, try to guess which one was operated on...
Apparently I'm gaining my sense of humor back, however dry (or as my recruits used to say: "arid"), which is a good thing.  I actually also did a short workout, although obviously mostly upper body.  So I'm feeling better quickly.  The sad thing is that I've been unable to locate anyone on the pickleball court to visit with.  We've passed by at all times and no one's around.  What a difference from 10 days ago when there were a good twenty people playing.
I guess that's possible since things are really clearing out in the campground.  It appears that the snowbirds have flown north.  Even our friends Harry and Tay who have been floating around Florida for a while have headed back to VA.   I sure would like to also.

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