Sunday, April 4, 2010

Moving on,

This was the scene just before we left on Thursday for Thousand Trails in Clermont.  It was a beautiful morning with an almost full moon. 
It's nice to be settled in for three weeks before we head north to VA to visit friends and family.  Everyone's happy that the weather has finally warmed into the 80's where it should be.  Of course this has pushed the 3:00 pickleball games back to around 5:00 which meant two days ago that folks brought grills and their favorite food (we slow-cooked a huge pot of baked beans which everyone loved), and we played and ate for a good three hours.  Oh yeah.  And drank a little too as there was plenty of beer to go around.
Then last night we went out with 3 couples to have some pizza and take a walk through Old Town.  It was darn crowded since it's spring break, but we enjoyed the parade of antique cars. It was hard to get a good picture with Val's compact camera but we managed to get a couple of fairly clear ones
and a lot of this ghost-like style.
 And there was no lack of odd characters like this guy with his pet skunk.  That's our friend Bob probably saying something nice to the guy.  Like "who the @#!$ brings a skunk to Old Town...."

There was also a reverse bungee jump (You Tube Link) that catapulted two people at a time to what looked like over 150 feet in the air and then dropped them back down as the chair spun around so that sometimes they faced up and other times they faced right toward the ground.  They would bounce up and down about 5 times before finally coming back to earth. At $25.00 a pop (and I'm sure several things on our bodies would have popped), we skipped that one. 
We got back to our RV at almost 11:00 pm which is a tad late for us, but we had a great time.

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