Friday, April 9, 2010

Pics and pain.

This was a pic from an early morning walk by the lake in Clermont.   We also walked the nature trail which was enshrouded in fog which made it seem like a fantasy scene from a movie.
Later we saw two Sandhill Cranes with their colt, and we were able to get a few pics.. 
I've been playing pickleball at 3:00 with three excellent players, and the competition has been intense.  Unfortunately, I went up for a shot yesterday and came down awkwardly on my left leg and felt something pop in my knee.  Val ended up driving me to the closest hospital where they said that nothing was broken in my knee but they referred me to an orthopedic guy for a likely MRI.  I see him Tuesday, and until then they gave me a knee immobilizer and crutches.   Man, just when I was getting good.  The good news is that it made Val drive the truck which she has resisted slightly.  She did great. (I knew she would.)
I'll keep you posted on the knee.

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  1. What Bad News!!! So sorry to hear about the injury - and wish you a quick recovery. I won't be playing for six to eight weeks myself, but mine is by choice - surgery on the foot!!!

    Tell Val we said HI.........enjoy your stay at Clermont...... as much as you can given the circumstances. Hope Val has been able to enjoy the morning play there.

    Rich and Donna