Friday, April 23, 2010

What we miss.

We are often asked how we can live in such a small space and what we miss most about a sticks and brick house.  Well, the size of our RV is perfect for the two of us.  It's close to 400 square feet.  We actually went around our old house and measured what spaces we really used daily. It was the kitchen, breakfast room, computer area and of course the bedroom and bath.  We only used the living room and dining room when company came.  And the 3 extra bedrooms were unused also.  So after taking the measurements we found that we used, you guessed it, about 400 square feet of our 2200 sq. ft. house.  So no, we don't miss the space.
But there is one thing that both of us miss.  That's a bathtub.  The shower we have is the largest I've seen in an RV, but the "garden tub" part of the shower (where they got that name, I'll never know) is too small to relax in, especially for someone who is 6'1".  And it sounds strange, but the only other thing I miss is the heavy duty disposal. I love to cook and it just made kitchen clean-up faster (but Val does most of that anyway, so it's not too important, I guess).  Speaking of the kitchen, I was asked this week if I can still cook like I used to.  Not only like I used to, but more.  I have more time now and I kept everything from the house including all my gadgets.  We have storage under the desk that holds the following: bread machine, grain grinder, standing mixer (with misc. attachments like a meat grinder), food processor, rice maker, waffle iron, ice cream maker, juicer and electric knife. I suspect we will lose the waffle iron and maybe the ice cream maker at some point, but that was one lesson we learned from all the reading we did before this journey.  Keep everything you think you might want, and after a year, re-evaluate.  If it hasn't been used in a year, sell it or give it away.
I know Val misses her van, but I suspect that will go away when she gets more comfortable driving the truck.  And a car is not out of the question in the future.  It would just mean that she would have to follow me while we traveled.  That's not quite what we want to do, but it's an option.
So that's it for what we miss from having a house.  Not much, really.
And we get to travel to new places!  And see our Sandhill Crane family walk by our RV and truck. 

 And, well, you know the rest.

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