Friday, April 2, 2010

So, an RV guy comes over and asks me to help with his organ....

So, an RV guy comes over and asks me to help with his organ....
Sounds like a perfect beginning to a dirty RV joke, doesn't it.
Nope.  Happened to me on our last day in Moore Haven.  Right after we got to the campground, another Teton, just like ours but 4 years newer, pulled in and set up a few sites away.  Val and I went over and spent some time talking to a nice gentleman who has been full-timing for 34 years.  That's a record for people we've met.  Many of those years he was working, but he still lived and traveled in his RV.
Anyway, he showed us his rig and we noticed that he had a nice electronic organ (I can just hear Jeff and Mark laughing right now...) with three rows of keys and lots of foot pedals.  So today there's a knock on our door and he asks me if I'll come over and help him with his organ.  He wants to move it into his truck so that he can try to find someone to repair it.  The main power rocker-switch is broken.  He had the switch with him, so I was studying it as we went back to his RV.  Being the McGyver type as Val likes to say (Wikipedia it if you're confused), I told him that with a little luck I might be able to get his organ up and working again (sorry, couldn't resist).  I was able to get the switch apart and realized that the rocker itself was not seating correctly which had allowed the metal contacts to slip.  I suggested a fix which included disassembling the switch, drilling into the rocker and then filing and shaping a small nail to hold it in place.  About two hours later, we had the switch back together, tested with a multimeter and installed back in the organ. And lo and behold, it fired right up and he started playing with his organ again.  Sorry, I mean playing his organ again.  And he's a good player.  Turns out that he used to work on generators and power stations and was hit with 21 thousand volts a few years back.  It burned him badly and left him with no feeling in his arms and hands.  Despite his doctor telling him that he would never get real use back in his hands, he found a therapist who said that trying to play the organ again would be good for him.  And he credits his work trying to regain his playing abilities with proving that his first doctor was wrong.  Pretty cool.
Now Val has suggested that I hang a sign on the RV saying something like "Something wrong with your organ?  Stop here.  We can help!".
Nope, she didn't really say that.
Enough of that.  Here are a few more Everglades pics.

Here is the bark of the Jumbo Limbo tree.  We'd never seen anything like it.  It looked more like rock.

Anhinga sunning itself.  I also have a picture of an Anhinga sunning itself while standing on a turtle, but it's slightly fuzzy unfortunately.

A White Ibis juvenile and a Tri-colored Heron.                               

                           Green Heron

And of course...


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