Sunday, April 11, 2010

Neighbors: the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good...
One of the joys of full-timing is meeting myriad people who also have a home on wheels.  Since my knee injury, several couples have asked if they could help out by taking us to the grocery store or doctor's appointments.  This included a very nice couple whom we have never met that stopped by yesterday.  They occupy a site across the road from us and saw me on crutches. They offered rides to where-ever we need to go to keep us from having to drive the Volvo.  Like virtually (a word that I rarely use because it has a built-in escape clause) everyone we've met on the road, they were thoughtful and helpful. 

The bad...
Of course not everyone is perfect on the road (see "virtually" above).  We have had a neighbor for the past two or three days that keeps a radio on all day and evening outside of his RV.  It's not blaring, but just loud enough to be heard during lapses in conversation or during lulls in the din of the TV. The odd thing is that he's never outside.  I guess it's one of the drawbacks to living fairly close to one another.  But he may be leaving today as Val just told me that "Mr. Radio" appears to be packing up.

And the ugly...
Sorry.  Here's my chance to give a link to those awful "people who shop at Walmart" slideshows, but I won't.  We're all beautiful people out here.. 

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