Monday, May 3, 2010

Same ol', same ol'. But hotter.

One of the perks of living this lifestyle is the ability to follow the nice weather.  If you plan right, you never have to experience really cold or hot temperatures.  Days in the 70's are ideal for hikes and motorcycle rides, and nights in the 50's are perfect for sleeping. While living in the RV and before we could escape Virginia, we experienced temperatures close to 0 degrees.  It was interesting to see how we prepared the RV for the night; insulating the water and sewer lines, leaving water dripping in the kitchen and making sure that the arctic package heating elements were on so that the tanks and lines inside the RV were heated.  All went fine, but we were glad to finally get to Florida where the weather was moderate.  We planned our future trips so that we would head north before the hot weather really set in.  Well our plans didn't quite flow along as we planned.  It's been in the mid to high 90's, and we are getting to see how the RV does when it's really hot.  And it's doing well despite the fact that we only have 30 amp electric here at our site.  That means that we can only run one air conditioner at a time, but it has sufficed and has kept us comfortable as long as we close the shades on the sunny side during the hottest part of the day.  The 4 awnings help as well..  We could of course move to another site with 50 amp service, but we like it where we are and the weather is breaking tomorrow and will only be in the mid 80's.  So despite the setback with my knee (which is coming along well), we have gotten the chance to learn more about our new home, and that's a good thing. 
As you may know, Val goes out each day on a long walk to get some exercise (and get away from me!) and I always remind her to take her camera just in case she sees something fun to post.  And something you may not know is that Val loves cows (not just to eat).  She's always pointing them out to me as we walk or drive somewhere.  So yesterday afternoon she went to visit the cows that we can see from our site.  Apparently they had a good time telling stories as you can see from this pic she took.

But apparently something came up in the conversation that the cow didn't understand (or didn't like?).  Maybe she mentioned the tag on its ear. 
Either way, I'm sure they parted as friends.

On a more serious note, Val got another artistic pic from the lake.  I love these shots.

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  1. Val, I know those cows talk. Just think of all the ice cream they can make assuming they are girls :)