Friday, May 14, 2010

Something very cool.

Val and I were out most of the day with therapy, stocking up at Costco, etc.  But the exciting thing was that as we drove on I4 we saw the space shuttle taking off.  It was an amazing site as it soared upward with a huge flame and smoke trail.  It was absolutely awesome!  And the strange thing was that it made me proud to be an American and even prouder of the astronauts that fly those crafts. They really are heroes.

And before I forget, I want everyone to know that today was the day that I promoted Val to official heavy duty truck driver.  She handled highways, city streets with traffic, parking lots, construction and more with no problems.  Great job.

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  1. Val, I had "breaking news" there was a women in a yellow truck driving all over the road in Florida :) Where are you guys going next?