Monday, May 24, 2010

A good day.

Sunday was a good day for me.  Val walks about 5 miles every day, but I usually exercise using the stationary bike.  But yesterday I decided to try to walk at least a mile or so with Val.  With my custom ACL brace being remade by Ossur, I had an off the shelf brace that they sent me.  It's fine for now and allowed me to do all 5 miles at 15 minute pace.  My knee ached at the end but not badly, and it was great to finally get some real outdoor exercise. After the walk, we cooled off in the pool which was nice since it was in the 90's, and then we had a picnic lunch.  Of course I didn't get my projects done for the day, but it was worth it.
Now for a few more pics from our day trip to Gatorland:

You know the alligators hate when this happens...

These were the first pink flamingos we've seen in Florida.

Here's one of Gatorland's white (Leucistic, not albino.  It has blue eyes!) alligators.  There are only 12 known white alligators in the world.

A couple more birds..

And a couple closeups of our friends the alligators.

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