Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I know you're bored.

This blog was designed to let friends and family know our location and activities.  I have to apologize to everyone who follows this for the lack of excitement.  You all know what's up and I don't want you to stop checking in.  We'll be on our way in a couple of weeks and interesting posts will follow.  I promise.
As for this week, our friends Harry and Tay  are on there way to our area and we plan on getting together this weekend.  It will be great to see them.  We plan to all go to Gatorland for a photo shoot, so I may finally have some pics!  Their rookery is supposedly wonderful.
And before I forget (again), I want to wish everyone a belated happy mother's day.  I started Val's day with eggs, real bacon (no turkey stuff for her on mother's day) and wholegrain pancakes (her favorite).  Dinner was  slow cooked orange chicken which was mighty tasty.  And both kids called and talked a while which really made the day.
All for now.  AI is coming on.

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  1. stay tuned for season 2 of Val and Bill's excellent adventure :) I shouldn't read this in the morning, now I am starving. Buckwheat pancakes sound very good...........