Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Free at last... And a big day for Val.

Yes,we escaped from Florida this morning and made it all the way to Brunswick, Georgia. I know, it's only about 5 hours, but it's good just to be on the road again, and after all, we're not in a hurry. 
And as for Val, she drove the truck up 95 towing the RV!  She did a great job, but was a little frazzled when the big rigs passed by.  But that too will, well, pass. 
This was the first time that I was able to sit and relax in the passenger seat.  Not only that, but while in Florida I finished tying in to the 12 volt system which allowed me to power the air card, wireless router and the cell amplifier from the batteries as we go down the road.  So now we have great wifi internet access in the truck.  As we passed several interesting places (such as the cooling towers near Jacksonville that we thought was a nuclear plant - actually gas power), we checked them out on the net.  Pretty cool!
Tomorrow it's off to Dillon, SC for a day and then to Gloucester, VA where we will trek into Richmond to see family and friends.  Don't be surprised when we show up at your door...

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  1. Val's hair must be getting shabby :) she is welcome to come by for a cut!!