Saturday, June 19, 2010

Update, links and pictures

Joanie continues to have myriad  problems.  The doctors installed a filter in her main arteries to keep more clots from entering her lungs and heart.  That procedure went well.  Unfortunately, there appear to be a large number of clots in her lungs. And it was confirmed that she has a small hole in her heart which allowed the clot to pass through to her brain.  That will need to be fixed sometime in the future when she is stabilized.  That and the diagnosis that she has a blocked carotid artery on one side which right now is inoperable keeps us all in a state of constant fear and worry.  But as of Saturday afternoon, she is resting well.

On a lighter note, for folks that didn't see the Style Weekly article about the Richmond Flying Squirrels, here is a *link* with a picture of Joanie working the stands.  She loves working there and having people ask to have their pictures taken with her. We're hoping she'll get back there one day.

Here we are at dinner after a long day at the hospital.  We're holding up as good as possible.  Having everyone around really helps.  Bill flew in from Florida yesterday afternoon to help out.

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