Sunday, February 21, 2010

Whew. Finally made it to Clermont, FL not far from Oralndo. It's a very large RV Park (over 900 sites, two pools, jacuzzi, tennis, etc.) and the picture is just me trying to figure out where we are on our walk.
But what a trying day. All issues were handled like retired people should. No shouting or cursing (a bit unusual for little ol' me, I will admit). First, when pulling in the living room slide, the top rubber gasket broke free and cost us about 30 minutes of work both when closing up and also when setting up again. Time to order a new gasket. No problem. I can do that.
Then when I opened an overhead compartment inside the truck, one hinge pin broke and the door came off. No biggie. But as we traveled down 95, a tire sensor alarm went off indicating that our right front tire was losing air. There was no place to pull over for almost 10 miles so I slowed down and just worried. But the truck wasn't pulling at all, so, as I suspected, it was a faulty signal being sent to the display. Man...
And finally (I hope), our large surge guard that plugs into the campground receptacle indicated that there was a short which would put about 211 volts through my RV. So we called the campground and they came right over and changed the plug which was slightly melted on one side. But it turned out that our surge guard is the problem. Go figure. Good thing it's under warranty. It's rather pricey.
But all in all, we're still retired and living the good life. We really can't complain too much now, can we.

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