Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Val's Bird

On a walk this morning, Val spotted this Sandhill Crane. Her favorite bird is a Heron, but this beautiful Crane was almost 4 feet tall and only about 25 feet away.

After the walk, some horseshoes, a swim and a soak in the jacuzzi (I know, this retirement is tough...), the rain set in and so it's a lazy afternoon of reading. Here's Val reading a book on her Kindle. It really is the perfect way to read books and magazines in an RV since it holds about 1500 books and only takes up the space of one thin book. You can even have lots of newspapers like the New York Times delivered to the Kindle while you sleep so that it's ready to read in the morning. Very cool. I figure that I'll get one when I finish the two shelves of books that I've collected. Maybe next Christmas.. hint, hint.
Tomorrow it's off to Orlando to have the 12,000 mile service done on the bike.

And don't forget to check out our son Matt's website. He just got an internship with National Geographic in Washington DC. Very cool.

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