Monday, February 22, 2010

What a great change this has been. We slept with the windows open last night and opened up the whole RV today. While Val worked on a spreadsheet to finish up her mother's estate, I took a ride toward Orlando on the BMW to pick up some essentials (great, cheap wine) at Costco. Orlando is one big, sprawling place. And it doesn't look like we're in a recession as there is new development everywhere.
Once back at home, we took a long walk to explore the RV park and the lake. We were hoping to find an alligator, but instead were attacked by an enormous armadillo! Well almost. Well, not really at all. But we did see the this little creature who wasn't afraid of us at all. He was just interested in rooting around in the ground looking for food.
And no 'gators yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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