Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On a walk today we saw some folks playing a game I'd never seen before. It was pickle-ball which is played on a tennis court with extra lines to shorten the court. As we watched, a couple of people asked us to play. So I did, as Val took pictures. It was lots of fun and
seems like a combination of tennis and ping pong. The paddles are hard and the ball is like a dense wiffle ball. It's much slower than racquetball and really a lot of fun. And it's always doubles as far as I can tell. It took a game to get used to the paddles, but I managed to win the 2nd (and last) game that I played, and that being against better players who were surprised that we were down 9 to nothing and came back to win 12 to 10. I may be hooked!

And in honor of Jeff, I present my first ramen recipe, a salad made with cabbage, carrots, onions, mandarin oranges and sunflower seeds - with ramen of course -all mixed with a slightly sweet sauce with mustard and chives. It's from the cookbook he gave me for Christmas (Everyone Loves Ramen). It was great, Jeff. So there...

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