Thursday, February 25, 2010

Before I forget, it was brought to my attention that you could not leave a comment on our blog unless you logged in to a Google or AIM account. I have fixed that, and anyone is free to make a comment. And please do!

Well, there are no cute armadillo or bird pics or really anything interesting to show you today. We left on the bike for the 12,000 mile service at 8 this morning when it was an unusually low 40 degrees and windy, and after basically wasting 6 hours waiting for the bike, we made a quick grocery stop and returned home exhausted. I shoudn't say we actually wasted the 6 hours. We walked over six miles along a busy street in Orlando just to pass the time, got some breakfast (and lunch), wore a blister or two because we forgot our tennis shoes and only had our riding boots and bought some sunglasses for Val. She looks very chic now. She's very shy about having her picture taken, but I'll try to sneak one and post it here for everyone to see. Val in her bathing suit and new sunglasses. That'll be fun. Until she sees it of course...

And until then, here's a silhouette of my brother Franklin at the Trail Ridge overlook on our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park last May. It was at an elevation of over 12,000 feet and more than a little bit cold and windy. And the dogs are fierce too. If you get a chance, ask my brother about the one that attacked him up there.
And in case you were wondering, Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous road in the US.

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  1. Glad you fixed the comments. Nice shot of the overlook! I went up to the Park yesterday - probably to last time I'm going to be up there for a while.... It was really nice, though super snowy!