Thursday, September 1, 2011

La Conner, Washington and friends

It feels good to be in the Pacific northwest.  It's been five months since we've seen our friends that headed out from Florida to go to Alaska.  We know some of their adventures but wanted to hear about the rest in person.  Now we can, at least from two of the four couples that we're parked near in La Conner.  Last night Margie fixed a wonderful meal that consisted of eight dishes followed by blackberry pie and blackberry cobbler.  The blackberries were picked right here in the campground.  We'll be picking a lot tomorrow.  Our RV backs up to huge blackberry plants and they're ripe for the picking.  After dinner Dean made a huge fire that we enjoyed while talking until late.  It was wonderful to catch up a little.
And the campground is right on Skagit Bay.  The water is about 100 yards from our rig.  This morning we saw some fishermen heading out.

This evening was beautiful as well.

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