Thursday, September 15, 2011

Olympic National Park (Part 3)

Friday afternoon we went to the coast a few miles north of our campground.  We had talked to the ranger in the morning and wanted to be there at low tide.  He advised us to get there about an hour early to watch the changes on the beach.  We arrived at 4:30 to see fog rolling on and off the beach as the tide receded.  Val and I had never seen tide pools before so the next couple of hours were a real experience as we explored the rocks.  The ranger told us to let the anemones close around our finger to see what it felt like.  He assured us that it would not hurt and there would be no lasting effect.  I told him that I could picture him drinking a beer late that evening with his friends laughing about the stupid tourists who actually stuck their hands in an anemone and now had hands the size of footballs.  But he chuckled and said it really was alright.  And it was.  It was odd to feel how sticky the tendrils are as the anemone closed up on your finger.  I can see how they capture their prey.  

The fog made the beach seem enchanted at times.

Saturday meant a return trip.  We made some stops while heading to the ferry.  This is where we ate lunch.

I took this Saturday morning right before we left the campground.

And a couple of parting shots.  There was a wooden boat festival at Port Townsend where we caught the ferry so we got to see some beautiful boats as we crossed the water.

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  1. What a beautiful place!! Hope you guys are having a wonderful time :)