Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crater Lake

We arrived at Crater Lake RV in the early afternoon and had time to explore the immediate area.  The folks at the campground sent us to two locations that were pleasant surprises.
Pearsony Falls

View of Takelma Gorge from the bridge.

But the real prize was our trip around Crater Lake and our hike to the top of Mount Scott, the highest peak at Crater lake and the tenth highest in Oregon.  It was not the toughest hike, but the views were spectacular.
The clouds covered the mountain as we approached.

We learned a lot from the South Sister hike so we traveled a lot lighter.  It helped.

The approach to the top with the look-out.

Before I forget...  For Kathie.  A little friend at the top that tried to explore my pack as we were eating lunch.

View from near the top.

Sign at a switch-back.  Um, no kidding.  Where else would we go?  Over the edge?

A fellow biker offered to take this photo. 

We were a little tired as we left Crater Lake and made a left instead of a right somewhere along the way.  As we headed out of the mountains and down into a valley with farmland and cows all around, it hit us that we were not where we were supposed to be.  We stopped at the Klamath Falls General Store and a man commented how nice a day it was for a ride.  I aggred, explained that we had been to Crater Lake and now we were lost.  He looked at me and said "you're not lost".  And then he went on to say that the great explorer Daniel Boone was once asked if he had ever been lost.  Daniel thought for a minute and said "No, I can't say that I was ever lost, but I was once a might bewildered for several weeks once."  So no, we were not lost, just turned around.  We got directions and returned to our RV after a wonderful day.  A really wonderful day.

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