Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Highline Trail (And all that that implies.)

First I have a trivia challenge for any of you who fancy yourselves movie buffs.  What movie does "And all that that implies" come from.  It's part of an answer after the question: "What does your daddy do?"
We drove back up the Going to the Sun Road to try the Highline Trail.  We were both a little nervous about it since neither one of us  likes heights.  But we decided not to let fear rule the day and started the hike.  Within a third of a mile we walked up to the first wall.

We walked on with a decided lean to the right and a hand close to or on the cable.  What we had read said the trail was about two feet wide, but most of this part was closer to four feet.  We made it past the wall and stopped to talk to a couple coming the other way.  They assured us that the trail got easier so we headed on. And they were right, partially.  Most of the entire trail was perched high on the mountain with certain death if a fall occurred.  And the next rock wall had no cable.  I guess they figured you would be used to the height by then.  

So we walked on and although we never got used to the height, we relaxed and enjoyed the hike.  Eight miles later we were back, tired and glad that we did it.   The views really were spectacular and the wildflowers were beautiful.

This was the only fairly level part of the hike just before we turned around.

And the answer to the trivia question:
Bud (Travolta) asked "What does your Daddy do?"  which was was answered by Pam.  She replied "My Daddy does oil.  And all that that implies."
Urban Cowboy

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