Monday, August 8, 2011

Update on the repairs.

We returned to Mor-Ryde early this morning hoping for the best which meant that the building was cleaned up and they were working on our rig.  And?  That's exactly what happened.  Guys were under our RV welding the frame braces and the shop looked remarkably clean.  Wonderful news for us since we really want to go west.  And soon!
Meanwhile, we've met some nice folks here and they took us to the Mor-Ryde manufacturing plant a few miles away for a tour.  I was surprised to find out that Mor-Ryde manufactures parts for a wide variety of businesses. They have multiple robotic welders that can do 120 hours of manual welding in 8 hours.  We saw CNC laser cutters which were fascinating to watch as they precisely cut different shapes out of huge sheets of metal.  The powder coating section was about half a block long.  And they make an amazing array of parts.  The most interesting to me was a circular piece of what looked like stainless that is used as part of a hip replacement.  RV suspensions and hip replacement parts in the same plant.  Go figure.

So it looks like we'll be headed out tomorrow to make a beeline for the Badlands.  Let's hope...

Our accommodations for a few days.

The start of repairs to the pipes that collapsed.

The Mor-Ryde facility where we are staying.

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