Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our Foray into Mexico for Drugs.

Oh, I get it, you thought I meant illegal drugs.  Shame on you...
I guess it does sounds more risky and exciting than it actually was.  After trying to get an asthma prescription refilled through my primary care physician who unfortunately just retired (and whose replacement wouldn't give me a refill until I saw him in Richmond, just a little hard to do) we decided to do what so many other Americans and Canadians do and take a trip into Mexico.  We went with Barb and Joe who have done it before, and the trip went without a hitch.  We parked the car on the US side and walked into the town of Algedones which boasts (within its four block area) the highest number of dentists, optometrists and pharmacies in the world.  And I believe it.  Mixed in with all the shops were hundreds of sidewalk vendors selling their wares, most of it jewelry. It took some time for Val to realize that she should keep her hands in her pockets since the vendors would literally put their products in your hand as you walked buy.  They were polite but very persistent.  "No, gracias" were the words of the day.
After exploring the area for a while, I finally located a pharmacy that had what I wanted (several places had it back-ordered).  While there we also picked up a couple of other prescriptions that we might need before we can return to Richmond and get an appointment.  Joe and Barb also found what they needed and we headed back to the border where we encountered a short 20 minute wait.  The officer there peeked in my bags of drugs and sent me through with a "have a nice day."  Painless.
Oh, and I almost forgot.  We also bought some 1921 Tequila Crema on the advice of a guy I met playing pickleball at the Nationals.  It was about half the cost of buying it in the US (if you can even find it).  It's like Bailey's with a touch of coffee.  We had some as soon as we returned to the rig.  Excellent!

Here's a picture Val took on a walk in Yuma while I was helping fix our Bigfoot levelers in Yuma.

And then yesterday we headed back to Menifee, California for a few days before we fly to Virginia for the holidays. The drive can only be described as diverse.  We left Yuma  where it was partly cloudy and 50 degrees.  About two hours into the trip, we headed up over the mountains and at 3500 feet hit a snowstorm. The ground was white and the windshield was caked with snow.  It wasn't what we had expected on our trip.  But just as fast as it had started, we descended the western side of the mountains with rainbows in front of us much of the way and then found sunny skies and temperatures in the 60's.  Definitely an oddly beautiful trip.
A little hard to capture the rainbow through the truck window, but you can make it out.

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  1. Drugs?? Be carefule!!! Great following you two on your blog. Absolutely beautiful photos. We do miss you though, and wish you were back here in Florida. Keep having fun and stay in touch!