Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Val and I want to wish all our friends and family a very merry Christmas.  Our trip to Virginia started Tuesday with a flight from California to DC where we spent the night with Chris and Nancy and celebrated Matt's  29th birthday.  Then it was up to Fenwick Island where Val and I put up a tree and did a lot of baking.  On Christmas eve we traveled to Richmond where we spent time  with family and friends. 
Our Christmas day was in Richmond, first at my brother Franklin's house and then at Beth's house (Val's sister).  We were able to get my parents to Franklin's house which was very nice.  And seeing Joanie and everyone else at Beth's was wonderful.
Of course the day started a little rough as I woke up Christmas morning at the Omni Hotel with a bad case of vertigo with my eyes moving rapidly back and forth.  It took a quick visit to the ER at MCV to get some medicine so that I could function.   And when I say quick, I'm talking about 33 minutes from the time I walked in to the time I left.  Amazing.  And as of this morning ( the 26th) I am feeling much better thank goodness.  What an odd thing to happen.

Matt, Uliana, Emily, Mariam Val and I all drove to Fenwick Island last night where we opened our presents this morning.  It was beautiful to see our tree with the ocean view behind.  It was a nice extension of Christmas.

We will be here in Fenwick until Saturday when Val and I will head back to Richmond for three days to do some visiting.  Then we head back to the west coast on the 4th.  Quite a quick trip.

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