Saturday, October 2, 2010

On the road again...

Yes folks, we're on the road again. We left good ol' Virginny on Wednesday, drove 11 hours to a quick night in Ohio and arrived in Fort Wayne, Indiana Thursday morning.  We're staying at the Johnny Appleseed campground where it took me about seven tries to back in to our space.  Two trees and a sharp turn made things a little tense, but it worked out.  The campground is run by friendly folks and the area is beautiful.  Val and I took a run on the trails by the St. Joe River that borders our site and ended up going more than five miles before we got back.  Way to go Val!!
We also spotted Tom's Donuts just a short walk away, so we headed over there after lunch.  As we walked past the Fort Wayne Coliseum, I saw something about a "hamfest" flash on the board in front.  Since I was curious to find out about what that was (or if I had actually read it correctly) we paused and watched until it finally displayed again about five minutes later.  It was apparent to me when it showed again what the "Hamfest and Computer Expo" was, but Val was perplexed and commented that hams and computers are a strange mix....
After I stopped laughing, I commented that we should probably attend so that we could upgrade her processor, and I explained that it was ham radios and computers, not pork and circuits.

Anyway, we continued on to Tom's to find out that they close at 1 PM.  Disappointing, but since we had donuts on the brain, we stopped at Scott's grocery and hit the bakery.  It made the morning run worth it.

Well, it looks like we're here until late Monday at least.  The truck needs a little transmission work and we opted to do a little extra work to make sure we don't have issues on the road.

Today (Saturday) is chilly and cloudy after a rainy night, so we decided to go to the Fort Wayne Chilifest which was very different from the "hamfest" mentioned above ; )  I believe we sampled 24 chilis and several salsas, and came away full and happy.  Not bad for 5 bucks apiece.  At least one of the competitors will be going to the national chili cook-off in Texas where we will also be in November.  I doubt we'll be able to sample all of the 350+ chilis down there, but we'll try.

Before I forget, check out the new "Favorites" link after the posts.  I'll add new links as time goes by, but for now, I've put the link to Matt's blog.  He's arriving now (as I write this blog) in Florida to shoot the National Geographic Miami and the Keys travel book.  Exciting times for him!

All for now.
St. Joe Dam by the park where we're staying.

Part of the dam complex.  

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  1. Yeah, finally a new season of Bill and Val!! I have been waiting............