Friday, October 29, 2010

The Lonestar State

Well howdy pardner..  Okay, enough of that.  But we are in Texas (near Gordonville to be exact) and except for my lovely bride having several days of vertigo, we're happy here.  The campground is on Lake Texoma which is immense (almost 5 times as big as Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia) and our site backs up to a pond with a fountain.  Very nice.

And before I forget, and in case you missed the last post with the picture of all the HDT's, I wanted to let you all know that we were not the only school bus colored HDT at the rally.  We had a twin.  I even drove the motorcycle up to it one day after a ride before realizing my mistake.

Another bit of news is that I've played pickleball twice in the past few days.  Its been  just over 6 months since my operation and the doc said that I could start to play as long as I wear my brace.  As many of you know, I really missed playing so I'm excited to get my skill level back up before heading to Florida after Christmas. That's where the competition is fierce.  I will admit that the first lob over my head made me stop in my tracks (I lost the point) since that was how I hurt my knee in the first place.  But I've hit a few overheads since then and the fear is dissipating.

Tomorrow we're heading to Dallas for the day to see some sights assuming that Val's vertigo is better.  I'd hate to have her fall off the bike.  Of course that reminds me of the old joke where the cop pulls the guy over, walks up to the drivers door and yells "Sir, do you realize your wife fell out of your car 10 miles back?"  To which the guy says "Well that's a relief, officer.  I thought I was going deaf!"

And one last thing.  We witnessed some eerie weather a couple of days ago.  A strong front was passing through that brought a tornado about 100 miles south of us.  I'm hoping to post a video of the clouds in a day or two.  All for now.

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