Sunday, October 17, 2010

The HDT rally

The HDT (heavy duty truck) rally is over and we were not disappointed. About forty rigs showed up (most being HDT's, but there were a couple of little baby trucks too...) and the seminars were excellent.  There was lots of time for round-table discussions about our experiences and issues, and food and drink was plentiful as you would expect at a rally.  Friday was the last meal together with a pre-planned potluck that was better than any we've been to.  The best part was getting to meet so many folks that we only knew on the HDT forum.  It was great to put faces with names.  And it was fascinating to see the different trucks and RV's.  No two were alike, and they ranged from simple designs to massive works of steel with cranes and garages.

We arrived a day early, and we decided to stay an extra two days here in Hutchinson so that we could continue to visit new friends.  But we also didn't want to miss the opportunity to go to the school bus races here at the Kansas State Fairgrounds. For you race fans it might come as a surprise that Val and I have never been to any type of car racing.  Nope.  Never.  So last night was a new experience.  And we can see how you could get hooked on it, especially in a local setting where you might know some of the drivers.  Of course this was not just school bus racing.  That was just for fun (and surprisingly slow even though they did slide around the corners and push each other).  There was the modified and sprint car racing as well, and the 2010 sprint car champion was crowned. In the first sprint car race, Val quickly picked out her favorite car to root for.  She pointed it out to me just moments before it slammed into the wall on turn one, sparks flying until it came to rest, totaled. It was our first experience with the caution flag, one of many as the different cars either wrecked or, more commonly, disintegrated with sparks and smoke. 

There was really only one problem with the whole night.  Noise.  Unbelievably loud noise.  Val and I put paper towel in our ears, but most did not.  That included lots of young children and at least one baby.  Odd.

Today was supposed to be a day of rest before tomorrows trip to Gordonville, Texas, but a lack of  RV brakes required several hours under the axles replacing brake lines with a fellow HDT'er who also happens to be an RV Tech . Not hard, just tiring.  So tomorrow is the rest day and we head to Texas on Tuesday.  We plan to be there for about 6 weeks before meandering back to VA for the Christmas holidays. 
Time to head over to another rig for some drinks and dinner, so all for now.
We'll write soon.

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