Friday, October 14, 2011

Yosemite (part 2)

This is a couple of days late as we are in one of only two places we've been where our Verizon coverage is next to nothing.  But here goes.
We took a short trip to see a small grove of Sequoias at Merced Grove and it was worth the trip.  Although we have been to Sequoia National Park, the size and beauty of the trees never ceases to amaze us.

Our next trip was a double hike with an anti-climactic finish at Glacier Point, one of the most visited views in the park. We started at the Sentinel Dome trail-head and were treated to beautiful views along the way.  The ascent to the top of the dome was not too tough and we got to see a 360 degree view of Yosemite.  

This is all that remains of the Jeffrey Pine made famous in an Ansel Adams photo.  The tree died in the seventies during a long drought despite volunteers hauling buckets of water to the top of the dome.  It finally fell in 2003.

After leaving Sentinel, we took the back route to Taft Point, known as one of the scariest overlooks in the park with just a small metal railing to keep you from falling.  In the warning we read, it's listed as "not just a fall, but a squish you like a bug fall".  And when we peaked over the edge, we knew why.

Along the way to Taft, we took a little excursion to this overlook.  

Here's Val getting a picture of the drop.

And the view over the edge.

Here's a look as we approached Taft.  Notice the small railing (upper left).

Over the edge.

View of Yosemite Falls from Taft Point.

A closer view showing the color.

Before we left, we were visited by two ravens.

And this little fellow.

After hiking back to the bike, we went up to Glacier Point and walked to the overlook.  Despite being a wonderful view, there were a lot of people there, and it couldn't match what we had experienced earlier. 

As we headed home, Val and I both agreed that this day's hike was the most beautiful we've ever done.

Next on the list: North Dome.

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