Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alcatraz and San Francisco

Two places we've never been: Alcatraz and San Francisco.  We did both on the same day with Dean, Margie, Rich and Dee.  First up was a one hour BART ride into San Francisco near pier 33.  Since we had already purchased the Alcatraz cruise tickets we got right in line and in about a half hour we were on "The Rock".  And what a fascinating place it was.  We did the audio tour along with just walking the grounds.  I must say that it was smaller than I imagined.  But well worth the trip.

After returning from the island, we walked the pier and laughed at the sea lions.  Then we tried to take the cable car up to Lombard St., but the cable was being repaired.  So we took the bus to China town.  What an interesting place to walk around.  When we arrived it was around 4 PM and we seemed to be the only non Asians.  Everyone seemed to be buying odd fish and produce, much of which I haven't seen before.  We were thinking about trying the eel and fish heads... not.
We finally arrived at a restaurant that looked like they might have something appetizing and we were right.  We settled on the party of six menu that included 3 appetizers, 7 main dishes and dessert.  It was tasty!
And when we left the restaurant, it seemed that China town was filled with nothing but tourists.  Interesting.
Since the cable cars were operating again, we took one back to where we started so that we could catch the BART back to Antioch where our cars were.  It was a long day, but worth every minute.
The cable car and a shot from our ride at night.

The folks on the trip.

And once again, for Kathie.

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  1. thank you so much, could you pet the sea lions, or do they bite?? Wish I was there :)