Thursday, July 21, 2011

I know. It's been a long time.

Since it's been quite a while since our last blog, I thought I would fill you in on our plans and hopefully get you interested in following our travels again.
We finally finished up in Virginia, said farewell to friends and family (although we missed several of you, sorry) and headed to Lebanon, PA for this week.  We're riding to the international BMW motorcycle rally in Bloomsburg tomorrow for two days which should be fun.  We attended two years ago in Johnson City, TN, but didn't make it last year in Redmond, Oregon.
Today we traveled on the bike to Port Clinton to have a new rear tire put on the bike. I had noticed a very slow leak and Val spotted the culprit, a small nail embedded in the center.  Argh!  The tire only had about 3,000 miles on it, but plugging a bike tire is iffy at best, so a new tire it was.  And as for the ride?  The temp hit 106 degrees with no clouds.  Just a wee bit too hot.
And that was our second tire problem this week.  While going around DC on I495, the tire pressure monitor indicated that an RV tire was losing air quickly.  Within 30 seconds it went from 85 to 30 pounds.  We pulled over as fast as we could and, sure enough, we had a flat on the street-side rear tire.  We were precariously parked on the side of a curve with  DC traffic flying by.  Val called our road-side assistance folks and they said that it could be 90 minutes before help arrived and that they would send the State Police to help.  But luckily for us, a VDOT Service Patrol Truck arrived, put out cones and helped me change the tire.  An hour later we were on our way.  What a great free service offered by VDOT.  As soon as we got settled in Hershey I emailed VDOT and thanked them.
We are scheduled to leave here on Tuesday and head to Ohio for about a week.  After a brief stop in Michigan for another try at fixing our levelers, we head to the Badlands of South Dakota.  Hopefully that's enough to peak your interest.  You'll have to check back to find out where we head after that.  A hint is that many people we've met say it's the most beautiful place they've ever seen in the United States....

Here's a photo that Val took of our current location in Hershey.

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