Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flight 93

Today we hopped on the bike and rode to the Flight 93 memorial sight.  They are due to complete phase one on September 11, 2011 so we could only look from a distance.  It was a very emotional experience when the volunteer explained how the plane came over the hill to our left flying upside down at 40 to 50 feet off the ground at over 500 mph before crashing a couple hundred yards from where we stood.  She went on to explain that if the plane had traveled two seconds more it would have struck a school building.  There were a lot of people visiting the site, and I'm sure that many more will come for the phase one opening.  Phase two is set to be complete in 2014.  It will be a 40-50 foot set of walls.  Phase 3 is going to be a 93 foot tower with 40 large wind chimes.  It should be beautiful.
After we left, we used the Garmin to find a local state park and headed out for a 20 mile ride.  When we arrived, we found the park entrance locked so we took a left at the next street.  That took us to the Forbes State Forest where we traveled a long way down a gravel road before finding a trail that looked promising.  We hiked to the Beam Rocks overlook where we ate our lunch and relaxed.  Val especially liked the chipmunks that were scurrying about as we ate.  Don't tell anybody, but they seem to like potato chips..
It was wonderful to get out in the woods again and it reminded us of how much we need it.

Flight 93 Memorial construction.

Flight 93 came over the hill to Val's left.

Sign overlooking the site.

Beautiful ferns on our hike.

The overlook with the camera on the ground effect.  

Val refused to jump over this and had to go around.

One of Val's little friends enjoying a chip.

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