Monday, January 31, 2011

Plans for this year

West coast.  Alaska.  West coast.  Alaska.  It's a very hard decision.  We have several good friends who want us to travel to Alaska with them for the summer.  We have a west coast trip planned, much like the one we had to cancel last year, but it's tempting to take the plunge and head north.  Really far north that is.  It's been Val's dream to spend time in Alaska, but we thought we would wait a couple of years so that we had some RV experience under our belts.  This past year had its major set-backs, so we still feel a little unsettled about a trip that big.
There are so many things to consider.  Rig preparation is a big one.  We don't have a solar setup or large battery bank yet, so we would have to run the Honda generator if we wanted to boondock for any period of time. And I think we would want to boondock a fair amount in Alaska.  Another concern is family worries with aging parents, etc.  And of course there is the money aspect.  Another 6000 miles of travel above Seattle Washington adds just a tad to the fuel bill, especially with diesel prices going ever higher.  But then on the other side is the chance to travel to ALASKA!  With friends.  Right away.  Arghhh!  What to do....



  2. Win the lottery, pay someone to deliver the RV to Alaska and fly. You retired to see America well... Alaska is part of that dream. You cannot wait for what if's, do what your heart tells you both. People and things will take care of themselves. Rick at the lake