Monday, January 31, 2011

King's Point

Another Saturday.  Another Pickleball Tournament.
This one was at King's Point and was a 15 minute timed round robin style.  It's been interesting to see the different tournament types since I'm used to a standard tournament with  brackets getting smaller until the winner is decided.  Either way, it was a fun but long day that started at 6:30 AM and ended after 8:00 PM.  Of course that included a dinner at Paul's, a local restaurant known for it's good and very bountiful food.  We had eaten breakfast there before (their $1.99 two egg, meat, hash browns, and biscuit deal) but never had dinner.  After playing all day without eating lunch, I got the jumbo top sirloin steak with 21 fried shrimp, soup, salad, baked potato, peas, rice .and bread.  All for $14.95.  Amazing.  The steak was huge and I brought 3/4 of it home. Val got the same sides with fried grouper.  What a great local place to eat when you're too tired to cook.

And in case you think we don't put a lot of effort into hitting the ball, check out our feet...

And getting back to the tournament, my partner Dean and I were undefeated but took second place because another undefeated team had won a few more points than us.  This left us a little frustrated since a quick match would have determined who was the best team (us!).  Oh well.

In women's doubles, Val's partner was sick so they substituted an 11 year old boy who really held up to the competition.  Matches were tough, but he and Val took third place.  Not bad at all.

In mixed doubles,Val  and I played together (fairly unusual for married couples, I wonder why...) and we won the first two out of three matches.  In our second match, we faced some friends that we know from Thousand Trails (and excellent players), but Val played the best pickleball of her life and we won handily.  It was great to see Val really relax and play to her potential.  Unfortunately, we came out a little flat after another hour wait and lost the last match which took us out of contention. But that was fine.  We were tired and hungry and ready to get on the road.  All in all a fun day.

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