Thursday, December 2, 2010

Staying a while

We like it here.  That was the first requirement for extending our stay. The second was that we meet new friends, which we have done.  And they, like us, like to play pickleball.  An added bonus.  So we are staying here for another 9 days.  Then it's off to the New Orleans area and finally a four-day jaunt to Virginia.

This morning we were eating breakfast when we both noticed two hawks in a tree by the pond.  We got our binoculars out and watched for a few minutes when all of a sudden we got to see a live National Geographic special from our site.  One hawk flew across the pond and started fighting with a snake.  It was an epic battle for a while as the 4 foot green snake struggled and tried to wrap around the hawk.  But the hawk prevailed and tired out its prey.  Despite the snake not being dead, the hawk started tearing off large pieces of the snake and devouring them.  A few minutes later the snake was dead.  I got a few telephoto pictures, but when I tried to get closer, the hawk flew to a tree farther away.  The pics aren't great, but you can get the idea.

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