Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pipe Creek

We arrived in Pipe Creek late Tuesday afternoon after an eight hour drive.  We both agreed that that should be the last of that kind of day.  From now on we will try to stick with  4-5 hour drive at most.  It just wore us out.
But we arrived at a beautiful campground in the Texas hill country on Medina Lake, walked around a bit to find a suitable camp site and got settled in with no problems.  For reference, a suitable site for me includes access to the DirecTV satellite.  Fairly level with a view is also required.  But we're paying for TV, so we might as well get it.  In this case we can see some of the lake from our RV which is a nice touch.

The main oddity at this campground is the number of deer that walk around.  Lots.  Like everywhere.  Some people buy 50 pound bags of corn and feed them so they are not afraid to walk close to us.  Yesterday we heard a noise by our door and saw that a deer was eating our basil and mint plants that we grow along with thyme and rosemary.  I chased the deer away and put the planters on top of the picnic table.  But deer don't mind climbing up on the table to eat plants evidently.  One of them grabbed my planter and pulled it off the table.  I replaced it and put it in the center of the table.  This morning a buck decided to see what they tasted like so I threw open the door and he just looked at me like "isn't this for me?"  I went down the steps and walked closer expecting him to run, but he started nibbling again.  I yelled and he ambled off.  My plants are inside now. 

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