Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends.  We may not see you during the holidays, but we want you to know that we think about you all.  Often.

We are staying this week outside of Houston on Lake Conroe.  Its a smaller park, but Val picked a nice site that looks out on a pond and a grassy field.  Not bad at all.  We had a little trouble the first day with our electrical management system cutting power to our rig several times, and after figuring out that it was low voltage and not our system, we called the ranger who came and replaced the circuit breaker and 30 amp receptacle.  The problem was solved which was nice because it was in the 80's and we needed the air conditioner.  Today (Thanksgiving) it was cloudy and very warm with some occasional spitting rain, but Val and I managed to get in about an hour of pickleball practice before we had to get back to put some home-made rolls in the oven.  Then it was to the activity center where we shared a wonderful meal with about fifty other RV'ers.  We had met two couples yesterday so we sat with them.  Lot's and lots of food.  No one left hungry.

After lunch we debated on a nap, but decided to hit some more pickleball, but the court was so wet that we went to the adult lounge and played some pool; something we haven't done in a few years.  When we went back outside, the temperature had dropped almost 20 degrees and the already windy day had really started blowing.  Val and I attempted about 20 minutes of pickleball which was quite a sight as any high shot was easily blown 6 to 10 feet sideways. We were relieved when it started to drizzle, and we headed  back to the warmth of the RV and the football games.  That's where we sit now, cozy and content.

Here are a few pictures from where we were the past three weeks.  Val took the sunset picture and you can guess who took the other two.

Val made a friend when she had a few corn chips while sitting outside.

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